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2014 Season - Week 21

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Welcome to the 7th season of pro football picks on We pick every NFL game by the point spread, every week, all season, through the playoffs.

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2014 Week 21 Update

55 players went 71-39, winning 64.5% of all picks.

Top 5 Players of the Season
1dinky678147 - 119.553560
 countryboy68147 - 119.553560
3Dillio's Bears143 - 122.540551
4NostraDANus141 - 125.530548
5WozisZeus141 - 123.534546
 HairMan140 - 126.526546
Top 3 Players of the Week
1Dillio's Bears2 - 01.0006
 NostraDANus2 - 01.0006
 HairMan2 - 01.0006
 jagarrison2 - 01.0006
 Barry'$ O.B. Mama2 - 01.0006
 meir0003@gmail.com2 - 01.0006
 thorn1002 - 01.0006
 Beaver332 - 01.0006
 C Note2 - 01.0006
 syogerst2 - 01.0006
 gopackgo2 - 01.0006
 jasiarb2 - 01.0006
 The Commissioner2 - 01.0006
 Stawski2 - 01.0006
 brenda2 - 01.0006
 RodgersGrl122 - 01.0006
 jcira2 - 01.0006
 Pigskin Gigolo2 - 01.0006
 cbrecken2 - 01.0006
 jporter2 - 01.0006
 MichiganFan2 - 01.0006

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The Rules...or, How it all works

  1. You have to login. Accounts are free.
  2. Join one, none, or many's your choice, but you make one set of picks that apply to all pools.
  3. Pick AGAINST THE SPREAD, NOT STRAIGHT UP. (more on that later)
  4. Picks must be in by five minutes before the scheduled game time.
  5. Pick EVERY game. If you fail to pick one, you'll lose points.
  6. You are ranked by points, not winning percentage. A win gives you 3 points, a loss gives you 1 point. No pick = no point.
  7. Spreads will be entered as soon as possible during the week, BUT - they may be updated as late as Thursday (but not later). Your pick will be scored on the FINAL spread, regardless what it was when you made your pick. They are based on average spreads compiled from several Vegas casinos.

Picking Against The Spread (ATS)

If you've never picked based on the point spread, it's pretty simple. Unlike picking the winner straight up, you have to take the point spread into account, just like Las Vegas. In any given game, one team will be favored to win by a certain amount of points - the spread. If you pick the favorite, they MUST win by at least that many points.

Example: say the New England Patriots are favored by 6.5 pts over the Indianapolis Colts. If New England wins by 3 pts and you picked New England - you would lose that pick, because they didn't cover the spread. If you had picked Indy, you would win - even though Indy actually lost. Get it?

We use half-point spreads on every game to avoid the inevitable arguing over what a "push" means.